Student's should be able to identify and test questions related to series and parallel circuits through actual construction of such circuits. Students should manipulate and change variables such as the amount of voltage and resistance in a circuit. Students should participate in activities that demonstrate Ohm's Law quantitatively.


circuit_diagram_cell_lamp.jpgAll About Circuits - contains information on basic concepts of electricity (voltage, current, resistance), Ohm's Law,
and Series and Parallel Circuits. There are also numerous worksheets and videos related to

blobz_guide.gifThe Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits - an interactive website on electric circuits that the teacher could use in a computer lab setting as part of a lesson plan. Includes activities and a quiz.


Exploring Conductivity - video adapted from ZOOM showing that humans can be electron conductors to reconnect a broken circuit.


- a handout depicting the symbols commonly used when drawing circuits.

- a worksheet that allows students to get comfortable with circuit symbols and determining if a circuit will work.

- a lab that allows students to explore parallel and series circuits using hands on exploration.